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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  June 14, 2015 7:48pm-8:01pm EDT

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deaf ears, after fully three years before she had any hope of release that she delivered that day a message of optimism and possibility and hope. you know what she said? she said, even though these walls can restrict our physical movement, they cannot restrict our imagination, nor our connection to the outside world. you know what else she said? she said one person can make a difference. let that difference start with you. three years later, a stranger named john o'malley proved her right. so i say to the class of 2015, don't let anyone ever tell you you can't dream, that you can't hope, that you can't change the world. don't take it from me, take it from kathy watkins.
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one person can make a difference. let that difference start with you. thanks and congratulations. [ applause ] >> monday night on "the communicators," nutrition under daniel, and democratic representative from georgia hang johnson talk about technology issues and patent legislation before congress. >> 97% of the people who are sued by patent have to settle because they don't have $3 million to defend themselves.
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97% settle, they pay an average of $300,000 to the patent troll's doing them. when they reach a settlement, they are locked up under a nondisclosure agreement. which the contract says they are never allowed to tell anybody what happened to them. >> so far this new congress seems very excited to have as much -- legislation on this topic. we will speak to as many congressmen as possible to discuss the issues and see what is the best way to help customers defend products and be able to run their business. any of these demand letters that currently exist would put a company like ours under. >> what we are doing currently has to do with closing the courthouse doors. to actually use the courts to enforce property rights. that is the big divide -- that
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is the hurdle we would have to overcome. >> monday night, at 8:00 eastern on c-span two. >> like many of us, first families take vacation time. and like presidents and first ladies, a good read can be the perfect companion for your summer journeys. what better book than one that appears inside the personal life of every first lady in american history? " first ladies: presidential historians on the last of 45 iconic american women." inspiring stories of the women who survived scrutiny of the white house. a great summertime read. available as a hardcover or e-book, three are favorite bookstore or online bookseller. >> linda has returns this week, members are expected to take further action on trade legislation.
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the chamber voted on three bills friday, including one that would grant the resident d authority to negotiate international trade deals and give congress and upper down vote but no opportunity for amendments. valid pass another ill -- another bill did not pass preventing a legislation from going across the president's desk. we've spoke with a report about what to expect next. -- a reporter about what to expect next. guest: for the past several months we have been seeing that democrats in increasing numbers against this idea that tpp the 12 nation pacific trade deal. in order for obama to start negotiating that deal, they needed to pass on the call trade promotion authority, which sets the parameters for such trade deals. a lot of progressive democrats and even democrats on the more
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moderate and fiscally conservative and of the spectrum are very concerned that a trade deal would be bad for jobs, for the labor community in the country, with the sanctioning of human rights abuses abroad, that implications for climate, a lot of social elements here that were bothersome to people. the real fight this week was over trade adjustment assistance. that is the bill that would provide training programs for american workers who were displaced by global trade workers. host: this was a piece of legislation that democrats have widely supported in the past but one that democrats walked away from, 144-40, voting no. guest: that's right. thank you for jumping in there to break this up.
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it is very complicated. the way that these bills were structured on the floor yesterday is that they needed to pass trade adjustment assistance legislation in order to advance trade promotion authority for a number of reasons. some democrats did not like the language involving medicare -- it was missing some protections for public employees. there were problems with the bill itself, but more than anything else, it became a vehicle for democrats to block advancing trade promotion authority, because they new that they needed to pass taa to pass tpa. president obama went to congress yesterday to say, don't vote down taa because you don't like tpa. nancy pelosi -- she came to the
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floor in the minutes before the final vote and said, basically it is ok to vote down taa and order to stop tpa, which i think is the real amazing take away from the story here -- how nancy pelosi turned her back on the president and empowered her colleagues to do exactly what he said not to do. host: the package of bills does not move forward as of today. what is the future? speaker boehner has scheduled another vote on tuesday, what is in not vote? guest: it is due to happen on tuesday, unless there is some drastic change of plans. basically, it would be a vote to reconsider the friday vote on trade adjustment assistance. if traded just adjustment assistance, it goes to the white house, and the deal is done.
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this gives president obama and pro trade democrats to lobby supporters, and really make the case to vote for trade adjustment assistance. people who want this to take place in a democratic party say the number was much lower. they will try to make the case to colleagues over the weekend. one thing is clear and that is that republicans will not shore up any more vote. there were 84 republicans that -- 86 republicans who voted for trade adjustment assistance, and a program that they traditionally never support. that is an extraordinarily high number four republicans. a lot of them with ties to leadership were holding their
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noses and doing their part to try to get the ball rolling. it is really up to them -- democrats at this point. host: we are talking about moving maybe 80 or 90 democrats. either that may votes to move at this point? guest: that is the huge question. steve israel, the former chairman, and somebody who is doing messaging right now for the democratic party told reporters on friday that anybody who knows -- anybody who says they know what is going to happen on is lying. tuesday it is a huge unknown. it could really go either way. the bottom line is that -- the real question whether democrats are going to decide that it is not worth putting up a fight, by don't think that there are democrats that were so opposed
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on friday that they will not be so opposed on tuesday. it has become a really ugly political site for democrats -- fight for democrats with the labor. you know, you are either with us or against us. the afl-cio is freezing up money . until the trade deal is wrapped up, they are targeting democrats who have changed their position who are voting against tpa. vulnerable democrats who barely won reelection in 2014. progressive colleagues turning on their colleagues. there were members of the congressional progressive caucus that slammed the president yesterday, saying that they were insulted by him. and that obama was trying to impugn their integrity. there is a lot of emotion here. it is a lot to overcome.
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host: you can read all of emma dumain's coverage from yesterday's vote from we appreciate your time this morning. >> on the next "washington journal." the trade debate in congress and other key debates in the coming weeks and summer legislative session. a new york times reporter talks about the evolution of the bitcoin and the future of digital currency. as always, we take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. >> tonight on c-span, "q & a"
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with dr. patrick o'gara:. then at 9:00, question time with david cameron, followed by his statements on the recent meeting in germany. ♪ >> this week on "q & a", our guest is dr. patrick o'gara: senior physician at brigham and women's hospital. brian lamb: dr. patrick o'gara: i read a quote from a doctor, a heart dr., he said to you, don't ask leading questions. do you remember that?


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